Kenji-B's Introduction

Hello everyone! I'm Kenji, a 16 year old, singing-robot-loving, music-writing, vocal-belting, and MikuMikuDancing member of society that happens to be an author on this blog here. I'm also known for posting a lot of works-in-progress and then never finishing them. I'm also the one responsible for taking the screenshots of Aiko's LAT and PK models as well Mathieu's Spores model for the buttons you can see at the side of the page.

As stated earlier, I'm one of the resident song-writers/producers of the blog. Please refer to me as nostraightanswer (Kenji-B) when referencing me while using my original music in a post on anything, like YouTube or SoundCloud. This also applies to when I operate UTAU, release a UST/VSQ, or mark my copyright on any of my UTAUloids, which include Kenji Baionoto- who also happens to be part of UTAU XYZ as a Z Affiliate (At least, that's what I like to call them).
As a vocalist, , I simply go by "Kenji-B". This is why (Kenji-B) goes after "nostraightanswer" in the above example, to show that nostraightanswer is the same person as Kenji-B, who is the same person as me (because I am that person/those people, logically).
And if you're just chatting with me, just call me Kenji. I don't like formalities, and "nostraightanswer"/"Kenji-B" is a mouth-full. Just Kenji, please.

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